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Introduction to Cube


Cube is ICERM's visitor management system, where participants can apply and track their attendance to and from the Institute. This guide will provide some information about how to use and manage your Cube account. Update your Profile After signing up for a C...

Cube: Submitting an Application


Participants who wish to attend our programs at ICERM will need to submit an application through our web application Cube before attendance to ICERM. This page will describe how to access the application form as well as check on the status of any previously su...

Cube: Submitting Reimbursments


If you have been approved to attend our programs at ICERM with financial support, you will need to submit your receipts and enter your reimbursement requests through Cube. This page will describe how to enter your requested costs and verify your reimbursements...

Application Reviews for Organizers

Cube Cube for Event Organizers

About the Application Review The Application Review is used to view, comment, and rate participant applications to ICERM programs. This view is only available to Staff and Organizers of the selected program. Accessing the Application Review After logging in...

Cube: Connecting Your ORCiD


About ORCID iD ORCID is an independent non-profit organization that provides a persistent identifier – an ORCID iD – that distinguishes you from other researchers and a mechanism for linking your research outputs and activities to your iD. ORCID is integrated...

Cube: Submitting a Letter of Recommendation


Graduate Student applicants wishing to attend a programs at ICERM are required to acquire sponsorship via a letter of recommendation from their academic advisor. Please note that applications will not be fully considered until the letter of support from an adv...

Cube: Managing Your Profile


Accessing your Cube Profile At ICERM we encourage participants to keep their Cube profiles as up to date and accurate as possible to ensure best results in representing and communicating with our participants. To access your Cube profile you may select the 'P...

Event Roster for Organizers

Cube Cube for Event Organizers

The event roster is a means for an organizing committee to view the status of individuals who have been invited to the workshop. This tool is updated as responses are received by the program coordinator and feeds directly into the program webpage. Accessing t...

Cube: Resetting Your Password


Accessing the Reset Password Form If you forgot your password to access Cube, you can reset your password by going to or by clicking on the "Reset Password" button on the top menu bar of the Login page. Once you...

11th Floor Lecture Hall

IT Resources AV Systems

The 11th Floor Conference Room is a fully-equipped Zoom Room to support hybrid lectures. It has two HDMI inputs for connecting laptops and tablets and an in-room iMac for presentations. The touch control pad is located on the podium next to the iMac. The touc...

11th Floor Conference Room

IT Resources AV Systems

The 11th Floor Conference Room is a fully-equipped Zoom Room to support teleconferencing and hybrid meetings. It has an HDMI input for connecting a laptop, in-room iMac for presentations, and a Blu-Ray player. The touch control pad is located to the right of t...

Overview of Recording & Live Streaming Policy

Policies Recording & Live Streaming

ICERM records all talks given during workshops and all public lectures by default, with the intention of publishing the videos on ICERM’s website. ICERM will not publish any video recording without first receiving a signed release form from the speaker(s).  I...

Acceptable Use Policies


All faculty, staff, program participants, visiting researchers, and guests to ICERM are required to follow Brown's Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy, Electronic Information Access Policy, and associated information technology policies.

Cube: Opt-Out of Livestreaming


ICERM streams all lectures live to the Internet via our website. Speakers and Virtual Speakers have the option to opt-out up to 24 hours before their scheduled time slot. Accessing the Opt-Out Form After logging into Cube, the Opt-Out Form may be accessed by...

Cube: Registering a New Account


In order to attend a program or event hosted by ICERM we require that an account be created in our web application Cube at For those Cube participants who have been personally invited by ICERM to attend one of our programs pl...

Cube: Visitor Attestation


In order to attend programs at ICERM, participants must be vaccinated and are required to sign an attestation form. As of June 17, 2022, this form can be accessed via Cube. All participants planning to attend ICERM in-person will receive an email 30 and 3 day...

Printing on Windows

IT Resources Step-by-Step Printing Setup Instructions

Before setting up your printers, please review the overview of Printing at ICERM. The following instructions assume you are connected to the Brown University network via wireless (Brown, Brown-Guest, or eduroam). Setup Instructions Open Settings and c...

Zoom Video Conferencing

IT Resources Virtual/Hybrid Events

Zoom is the official video conferencing service of ICERM and Brown University. ICERM uses both Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinar for our events. Overview of Zoom at ICERM Zoom Meetings Guide Zoom Webinars Guide

AV Systems

IT Resources Virtual/Hybrid Events

Various rooms/systems available: 10th Floor Classroom 11th Floor Conference Room 11th Floor Lecture Hall

10th Floor Classroom

IT Resources AV Systems

The 10th Floor Classroom is a fully-equipped Zoom Room to support teleconferencing and hybrid meetings. It has an HDMI input for connecting a laptop as well as an in-room iMac for presentations. The control panel is located on the far right back wall, behind t...