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Office Phones

To determine your office phone number

  • Each phone displays its direct number on its display screen

Outbound Calls

  • Dial “8” for an outside line
  • Access limited to local calls only (however you can receive calls from a long distance number)

Internal Calls (ICERM and Brown University)

  • Dial the last 5 digits of any ICERM phone number (as in: “3-1234”)
  • Extensions for current ICERM program participants can be found outside the 10th floor classroom, or at

Transfer a Call

  • Press “Transfer” button on left of display, listen for dial tone
  • Dial 5-digit extension
  • Announce call
  • Press “Xfr” button at bottom of display
  • Hang up


  • If no one answers your office phone, the call will bounce to ICERM’s front desk where a message will be taken and placed in the appropriate mailbox.