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Zoom Meetings Guide

This guide contains ICERM's general guidelines and tips for workshop talks, classes, working groups, and meetings via Zoom Meetings. We recommend all Zoom participants read and follow these guidelines to ensure the best experience for all participants.

General Zoom Info & Tips

  • Zoom has apps for macOS, Windows, and Linux available for download on the website ( iOS and Android apps are also available on the App Store/Google Play Store. Zoom will work best if you keep it up to date to the latest version, available through the download link.
  • Please join the Zoom sessions with your full name.
  • We recommend using headphones to reduce the chance of echo, feedback, or other audio issues.
  • Zoom can be bandwidth and resource-intensive for your computer. For best performance, we recommend a wired connection, if possible, and running as few other concurrent applications as possible while participating.
  • We encourage users to add a profile photo to their Zoom account so that it will show up when you are speaking without a camera on.
  • Zoom has a great user guide and knowledge base available at

Zoom Workshops at ICERM

  • Workshop talks presented via Zoom are generally recorded and posted after the talk on ICERM's video archive.
  • Each workshop session will have a session chair. Session chairs introduce the speaker and moderate questions from the audience.
  • Zoom Meetings with many participants can be very bandwidth intensive. We ask all attendees other than the presenters turn off their camera during talks to help conserve bandwidth.
  • All attendees should keep their microphones muted when not talking to avoid any potential issues.

Info for Speakers

  • We strongly recommend using headphones to reduce the chance of echo, feedback, or other audio issues.
  • You can use Zoom's Screen Sharing to share slides or other materials during your presentation. See the Screen Sharing section below for more information.
  • We need your permission in order to publish your talk on our video archive. Please contact ICERM’s program staff for any questions with speaker release forms.
  • If you’d like to do a trial run before your talk, please email and we can schedule a test session.
  • We've provided some ICERM branded backgrounds for Zoom if you would like to use them in your talk: To change your Zoom background: (on the browser) Click your profile picture, then click on Settings. (on the desktop app) Go to zoom, Preferences. In the left menu bar, click on the Virtual Background tab (if you don't see this tab, log in to the Zoom website, go to Settings and toggle on Virtual Background). In the Virtual Background tab, select one of Zoom's defaults or upload the image by clicking the + icon to upload from your computer (after downloading the image from the Dropbox link above).

Info for Organizers and Session Chairs

  • Session chairs for the virtual talks will introduce the speaker at the beginning of their talk and assist with moderating questions from the audience.
  • Chairs will be made a co-host upon joining the Zoom meeting. This will allow you to control the microphones of the audience.
  • At the beginning of each recorded session, please wait for ICERM IT staff to give the go-ahead before introducing the speaker to start their talk. This will ensure we have started recording.
  • Controls for managing Zoom participants are available from the Participants tab in Zoom.
  • Participants can use Zoom’s “raise hand” feature or the chat window to ask a question or indicate they would like to speak. Session chairs should monitor for questions and notify the speaker when applicable.

Screen Sharing

  • Presenters can use Zoom's Screen Sharing to share slides or other materials during your presentation. To start screen sharing, click the green “Share Screen” button in the bottom toolbar of the meeting room, then follow the prompts to get it started.
  • Zoom's guide on Screen Sharing is available here for more info. We encourage you to review this document before your presentation.
  • When sharing full-screen slides, make sure to select your entire desktop in Zoom’s screen sharing window. If you select just the slides window, Zoom will not display properly when you go to full screen.
  • Some operating systems, including macOS Catalina, require specifically allowing Screen Sharing in System Preferences.

Lightning Talks

  • During Lighting Talk sessions, ICERM staff concatenates all presenters' slides into a single slide deck.
  • ICERM staff will screen share the slides to streamline transitions between each lighting talk presenter.
  • Staff will advance to the next slide on cue from the presenter.