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Introduction to Cube

Cube is ICERM's visitor management system, where participants can apply and track their attendance to and from the Institute. This guide will provide some information about how to use and manage your Cube account.

Update your Profile

After signing up for a Cube account, you can update your profile information and link your ORCID iD account.

Apply To Programs

Select the program you would like to participate in, enter your expected dates, submit your CVs, and send in Letter of Recommendations from your advisor (if you are a Graduate Student).

Submit Reimbursements

If you are eligible for financial support, upload your receipts and request reimbursements.

Speakers: Opt Out of Live Streaming

If you have an upcoming talk or lecture, opt out of Live Streaming from the ICERM website.

Organizers: Review and Track Applications

Review, rate and comment on potential participant applications to a program. During programs, view and track participant attendance and expected visit dates.