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SSH Access to Oscar

1. Open a terminal prompt. On the ICERM thin clients, enter the username user and the password icerm to log in to the terminal.

2. In the terminal, type ssh <your ccv username> If you are asked to verify the authenticity of the host '', type yes.

3. You will now be prompted for your password. Enter your password (nothing will show up when you type in the terminal password prompt) and press enter.

4. Once logged in, you should see a “Welcome to Oscar!” message. This means you're now connected to one of the login nodes, which you can use to manage your files and submit batch jobs.

Please DO NOT run any computations directly on the login nodes. Use the batch system to submit your computations to the queue to be processed on the computation nodes or start an interactive session on one of the compute nodes with the command interact. See CCV's Oscar Documentation page on Running Jobs for detailed instructions on batch jobs and interactive sessions.