AV Systems

Various rooms/systems available

11th Floor Lecture Hall

The 11th Floor Conference Room is a fully-equipped Zoom Room to support hybrid lectures. It has two HDMI inputs for connecting laptops and tablets and an in-room iMac for presentations. The touch control pad is located on the podium next to the iMac.

The touchpad has two main screens, the Crestron panel & Zoom Rooms.

To start choose Basic Mode. Here you will have 4 options.


  1. Connect the laptop using the HDMI/USB-c cable on the podium.
  2. The projector should detect input and turn on, if not, press the LAPTOP button on the Creston control panel.
  3. When you are all done with the room, please make sure to shut down the system. Go to the control panel, click SHUTDOWN & RESET in the bottom right corner, then hit SHUTDOWN SYSTEM.


There is a dot in the right top-hand corner of the LAPTOP button. If the dot is red, the laptop is not being detected/plugged in correctly. Make sure all cables are securely plugged in. The dot will be in green when an input is detected.


The iMac can be used to download your presentation or present from a USB drive

  1. Wake up the iMac on the podium with the wireless mouse/keyboard.
  2. Press the iMAC button on the Creston control panel. The system will power on and project the iMac. 
  3. When you are all done with the room, please make sure to shut down the system. Go to the control panel, click SHUTDOWN & RESET in the bottom right corner, then hit SHUTDOWN SYSTEM.


  1. Click Zoom on Creston panel
  2. Pull down the tab at the top of the touchpad and click the button to get to the Zoom panel. 
  3. Click the Join button and enter the code for an existing Zoom Meeting or click New Meeting to start a new Zoom Meeting. 
  4. Once joined you will have many options, start by clicking the Start Video button to share video from the room.
    Then most all details can be adjusted in the Crestron panel. Toggle back to adjust the camera and volume levels. 



Switching camera from front to rear - After you join a zoom, you will see a button called Switch Camera. Press is if you want zoom to use the camera in the front of the room rather than the back or vice versa. This is the only place you can do that.


Click CAMERA if the talk is going to be in-person and entirely done on the whiteboards. 

Lecture Recording and Live Streaming

The lecture hall is equipped with the Panopto system for lecture recording and live streaming. Lecture capture and live streaming require support from the IT staff to operate. By default, ICERM records and streams all lectures during scheduled workshops. Lectures scheduled outside a workshop may sometimes be recorded and streamed with an advanced request by program organizers. See our Recording and Live Streaming Policy for more details.


The lecture hall is equipped with six wireless microphone channels, labeled WX1 through WX6. Six lavalier and six handheld microphones are located in the podium drawer, also labeled WX1 through WX6. Any combination of six microphones can be used during a presentation as long as only one microphone per channel is used.

*** Meaning only 6 mics can be used at any given time.

The room is also equipped with a ceiling-mounted microphone which will capture the sound of members of the audience. The ceiling mic is quite good and can be sufficient for teleconference events that are not being recorded or live-streamed. 

To change the volume of the mics: 

Click MIC on the right side, this will show you the common mics we use. Click SHOW ALL MICS to see more.

*** Best Practice before a lecture/talk is to MUTE ALL MICS then unmute the ones you want to use.